Fight anxiety.  Stay calm.
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Anxiety is a normal emotional response amid uncertainty or under threat.  It helps you cope with those challenging situations.  However, it does make you feel uncomfortable and affect your behaviours and performance.  For example, some people are still worried about contracting the coronavirus despite all the safety measures. 

As a graduating student, you may have the additional anxiety of not meeting graduation requirements, not getting a right job sooner, performing poorly in job interviews, etc. 

Here are some strategies for you to stay calm and ride the storm.


Identify and tune out unproductive worrying

i.e. worries which do not lead to any action.  Obsessive grasping for certainty can be futile and only accentuates your anxiety.  Instead, concentrate on thoughts which can lead you to actions of problem solving.  If you find yourself keep ruminating without taking any action, our eCourse about Combating Procrastination might help.

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This is a cognitive restructuring technique to reduce catastrophic thoughts.  For example, ask yourself “What is the worst if I cannot get this job?” and “How could I cope with it?”  After all it is only one job opportunity and your entire future does not depend on landing this job.

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Perform relaxation techniques

such as breathing techniques, imagery and visualization techniques, etc.

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