Fight helplessness. Stay connected.

Even though feeling helpless because of the economic downturn, you can still help yourself by connecting and utilising all available forms of resources such as those online resources provided by the University.   Becoming more resourceful can be vital for graduating students to survive this difficult period.

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Maintain social contact

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You may be surprised to learn that supportive relationships do not only enhance your resilience to stress but also help to improve your physical health.  When possible, choose video over messaging or calling because facial cues, body language and other nonverbal forms of communication are important for bonding.

Seek professional help

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to learn more about coping with negative emotions, maintaining mental health and enhancing motivation.  If you are in psychological distress or showing symptoms of emotional problems, the earlier you seek help the better.  There are ample resources of counselling in the community where you can seek help.  Students of HKBU are encouraged to contact the Counselling and Development Centre for help.