Fight hopelessness.  Stay confident.

The economy seems to be spiraling down, things are uncertain and evolving rapidly every week.   The short-term future does not look promising.

Are you confident enough?  Do you know how to be more confident?

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Know your strengths

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If you are unclear about your strengths, take the free VIA Character Strengths Survey to find them out.  You can showcase your strengths and passion with clarity, to the right employer.  Remember to deliberately use them in your everyday life as it has been proven that using your strengths regularly can help enhancing your overall wellbeing, building your resilience and strengthening your ability to overcome problems.

Strengthen your optimism

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so that you can survive many “no’s” before getting to a “yes.”  Focus on the positives and accentuate.  Using positive affirmations to remind yourself about your strengths and competencies can be reassuring and confidence bolstering.  You can learn more about staying positive from our eCourse Optimism about the Future.